Who is Alpine Digital?

Alpine Digital’s Story

An efficient agency model for a changed world

Wesley Botha started his career as a mechanical engineer working in R&D within the railway industry. After several years, Wesley started a small side business in 2016 and quickly found that he had a passion for digital marketing, more specifically PPC advertising. In 2019 he transitioned full-time into digital marketing and started building Alpine Digital. His engineering and entrepreneurial background has equipped him with a technical approach to marketing, balanced with a real-world knowledge of what is important to growing and sustaining a successful business.

Marketing can be an emotional journey, as your money, reputation and livelihood are involved. A marketing “recipe” does not exist — every business is unique and needs to be treated as such. Wesley knows this first hand, and as his own worst customer, he understands the importance of discussing marketing objectives, budget requirements and setting expectations. All decisions are based on data, which is readily available to clients, in order to show results that are measurable and definite.

As a company, Alpine Digital’s goal has always been to provide businesses with an efficient service while staying as lean as possible. This includes not having a full team of in-house staff and the costs involved with this agency model. Embracing processes, automation and the move by some of the world’s top-tier talent to remote work has enabled Wesley and his hand-picked team of best-in-field freelancers to offer industry-leading expertise and service, at lower costs.

Our mission

Marketing for business owners by business owners

Before we were Alpine Digital, we were business owners doing our own online marketing. As entrepreneurs who wanted to understand every facet of our own business, we started marketing it ourselves too.

After years of refining our skills, while seeing how digital marketing changed the game for our business, we were hooked, and our focus shifted to running Alpine Digital full time, not just for our business, but others. When business owners talk to us about wanting to see maximum measurable return for their marketing investment, we can honestly say, we get it, we don’t mind when you ask us the hard questions.

What we do

We make clients happy


Timeless Toys

  • R 148% boost in revenue
  • R42% improvement in ROAS
  • R103% increase in total orders

Lead Generation

Selfie Cube

  • R84% reduction in the cost per lead
  • R 31% drop in the cost per click
  • R1108% boost in total leads

Let’s start growing your business.

Our experts will review your business’ digital marketing needs and and develop a personalised digital strategy that will boost your results faster.