How we grew Selfie Cube’s leads by 713%

Selfie Cube hires premium photo booths for both private and corporate clients in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have been in operation since 2019.

The client

Selfie Cube

Selfie Cube hires stylish, premium photo booths for both private and corporate clients in South Africa. They have built a reputation as being one of the highest rated photo booth companies in South Africa and have been in operation since 2019.
Selfie Cube hires stylish, premium photo booths for both private and corporate clients in South Africa. 


The reduction in the cost per lead


The drop in the cost per click


The boost in total leads


The increase in clickthrough rate

  • KThe Challenge
The Selfie Cube team were struggling with a slow lead stream due to an increase in competition. They wanted to beat out their competition, drive more traffic to their website and generate more high-quality leads.
  • KThe Approach

Alpine Digital worked with the Selfie Cube team to formulate an effective Google Ads strategy specifically for the niche photo booth market. Their Google Ads account was audited to see where improvements could be made before creating new campaigns.

The following observations were made during the audit:

  • Ad groups were too broad: Ad groups should be separated by specific themes. I.e. wedding photo booths, party photo booths etc. This had a detrimental effect on the CTR.Clickthrough Rate
  • All keywords were set to broad match: If not used in conjunction with a robust negative keyword list, broad match keywords can dramatically affect campaign performance with irrelevant search terms and therefore wasted budget.
  • Overall Quality ScoreCalculated from the expected clickthrough rate, the ad relevance & landing page experience. was below average: This was primarily due to poor ad relevance and the landing page experience. All ads were pointing to either the home page or the pricing page when rather each ad group should point to a separate landing page that follows the same theme and relevance as the ad group itself.
  • Relying entirely on manual bidding: It is good practice to experiment with smart bidding campaigns to determine whether they outperform their manual counterparts (given sufficient conversion data).
  • KThe Solution

After performing the in-depth audit and thorough research into the ideal target market and buyer persona for photo booths, Alpine Digital started to implement the following changes:

  • Ad groups, ads and landing pages were rebuilt: The ad group themes were tightened and the ad copy and landing pages were built to match. This improved ad relevancy which led to an overall improvement in quality score and a drop in <span class=”tooltip-style-blue”>CPC.</span>Cost Per Clickcost-per-click.
  • Improved Keywords relevancy and match types: Using the account’s historical keyword data along with Alpine Digital’s own thorough keyword research, keywords were kept more consistent, focusing more on exact match types and phrase match types. Also, several negative keyword lists were developed.
  • Experimented with smart bidding: Once conversions improved Alpine Digital experimented with smart bidding, specifically tCPA.Target Cost Per Acquisition bidding, as well as using more broad-based keywords in conjunction with robust negative keyword lists.
  • KThe Results

These results were achieved after the first three months Alpine Digital started working with Selfie Cube (01 August 2021 – 01 November 2021) and compared against the previous three month period.

  • Improved CTRClickthrough Rate by 50%: Ad groups and their ads were more relevant and sent people to appropriate landing pages.
  • Reduced CPCCost Per Click by 31%: The cost per click was reduced (due to an improved quality score) which means Selfie Cube was able to make their budget stretch further while serving their ads for longer.
  • Lowered tCPATarget Cost Per Acquisition by 84%: Due to the Target CPA bidding strategy and a constantly updated negative keyword list, the cost per acquisition (or cost per lead) dramatically reduced by 84%.
  • Increased leads by 713%:  Not only was the volume of leads greater (122 leads vs 15 from the previous three month period), but they were of higher quality.

With Alpine Digital’s customized Google Ads strategy, Selfie Cube saw a large improvement in all metrics, with the most important being leads.

    Total leads from August to 31 October 2021 compared to the previous 3 month period.

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